Easy installation with 5G

With Lightwood and Maxwood you install a floor with the most modern and easiest system to install on the market. The click system is called Rolloc 5G and is developed by Välinge Innovation for Golvabia. The unique design of the short end of the board makes it possible to install the board in one simple movement without using any tools.  




Golvabia Residence was the first thin woodenfloor with the new Rolloc 5G joint.  It was introduced by Golvabia already in 2007 and has been a great success

Laying instruction

Here you can download the layinginstruction that comes with each floor

Cutting guillotine

See how a cutting guillotine is used to make the installation cleaner and faster, go to movie

Rolloc 2G

Some floors from Golvabia are available with a 2G/2G clic. See how the installation is made here